Armed Conflict, No Place for a Child

February 15, 2017By Zoey WilsonProtecting Children 1 Comment

In January, Congress received over 14 thousand emails, phone calls, and tweets from World Vision advocates asking the U.S. government to make ending violence against children in all forms, including trafficking, child labor, and children fighting in armed conflict, a priority. Today, February 15, some of those members who received messages will be attending a panel in … Read More

Breaking from Convention: Hem’s Story

January 11, 2017By Guest AuthorProtecting Children No Comments

Globally, 11 percent of girls are married before they are 15. This often means that they drop out of school, don’t work, and are at greater risk of complications due to pregnancy and childbirth. But World Vision is working to stop this through local advocacy programs that educate communities about the harm early marriage causes … Read More

Why We Need to Come Together Officially, to End Violence Against Children

January 3, 2017By Christina BradicProtecting Children 2 Comments

Officially, there are over one billion reasons to come together to end violence against children. Over half of the world’s children are affected by violence, and every one of these more than one billion children deserves a life where they can thrive and reach their full potential. Violence against children includes abuse, exploitation, forced labor, … Read More

The World Can’t Ignore What’s Happening in South Sudan

April 19, 2016By Guest AuthorProtecting Children No Comments

Earlier this month, Relevant Magazine interviewed Jessica Bousquette, World Vision policy advisor for child protection, about the state of South Sudan amidst a conflict that has been going on since 2013. Since the conflict began, there has been much violence displacing over 900,000 children within South Sudan, keeping them from school and putting them at greater risk for malnutrition and exploitation, including child soldier recruitment. Over the past two years, over 400 advocates have send messages to the President to bring awareness to this conflict and the impact it is having on children.