Women and girls on the global stage: What do CSW65 and Generation Equality mean?

March 8, 2021By WV AdvocacyChild Education, Foreign Assistance, Gender, Global Health, Learn About Advocacy, Maternal and Child health No Comments

Written by Marta Galambos – a World Vision Strong Women Strong World NextGen leader and a graduate of civil engineering from California Polytechnic State University currently working in Colorado, USA. How can women and girls, in every society, participate effectively as full and equal members of their communities? I first became interested in this question as an undergraduate … Read More

Trading Child Marriage for College Textbooks

November 28, 2017By Guest AuthorChild Marriage, Gender 38 Comments

Harassment is one of many challenges girls and women face in Delhi, a sprawling city of 25 million people where there are problems of safety, vulnerability to violence and exploitation, pollution, and unsanitary or overcrowded living conditions. But empowered by sponsorship, girls in one neighborhood are overcoming poverty and trading child marriage for college textbooks. … Read More

Dreaming Big in Uganda

November 21, 2017By Lisa BosChild Protection, Gender No Comments

As a girl growing up in Zeeland, Michigan, I had a lot of dreams about what my future might look like.  There were the immediate dreams (making the basketball team, getting all A’s) and the future dreams (going to college, finding a great career, having a family).  Some of those dreams were realized, and others … Read More

A child refugee finds hope after loss

August 7, 2017By WV AdvocacyChild Education, Refugees 1 Comment

Globally, there are more than 25 million refugees in the world, about half of  whom are children. What does this mean for these children, their childhoods, and their futures? Learn about the hope, protection, and opportunity that education can bring a child refugee and how one bill currently in Congress can help — especially for … Read More

Breaking from Convention: Hem’s Story

January 11, 2017By Guest AuthorChild Protection No Comments

Globally, 11 percent of girls are married before they are 15. This often means that they drop out of school, don’t work, and are at greater risk of complications due to pregnancy and childbirth. But World Vision is working to stop this through local advocacy programs that educate communities about the harm early marriage causes … Read More