Dreaming Big in Uganda

November 21, 2017By Lisa BosChild Protection, Gender No Comments

As a girl growing up in Zeeland, Michigan, I had a lot of dreams about what my future might look like.  There were the immediate dreams (making the basketball team, getting all A’s) and the future dreams (going to college, finding a great career, having a family).  Some of those dreams were realized, and others … Read More

Progress and Hope on World Aids Day

December 1, 2016By Lisa BosUncategorized No Comments

I vaguely remember the rise of HIV/AIDS in the 1980s.  I can recall hearing stories of disease and death, but not really understanding what that meant—the devastation this horrible disease was causing families and communities.  I don’t think the disease became even a little bit real to me until I saw the television movie “The … Read More

Yes, Your Voice Matters

July 11, 2013By Lisa BosLearn About Advocacy 3 Comments

I just celebrated the start of my 17th year in Washington, D.C. Coming here in 1997 from a pretty small town in Michigan was a little scary, but I was a political junkie and where else do you go but D.C.? I have worked in the legislative/political world my entire career, spending years on Capitol … Read More