Reigniting a Stalled Education

September 16, 2016By Guest AuthorChild Education No Comments

By Gloria Das As he goes to school with his friends, Hemel seems like any other child. But until last year, the 10-year-old led a different life, enduring a daily 16-hour shift at a tea stall in the city of Rangpur in northern Bangladesh. Hemel’s story begins when financial hardship forced his aging parents to … Read More

Fleeing Conflict is Only the Beginning

August 15, 2016By Guest AuthorRefugees No Comments

By Patricia Mouamar “I don’t have dreams here [in Lebanon]; all my dreams are in Syria. I wish to return to Syria, to my school, to my house, and I wish the war stops in Syria and we have peace again. I wish they [decision makers] would change my house here [in Lebanon] because I … Read More

The World Can’t Ignore What’s Happening in South Sudan

April 19, 2016By Guest AuthorChild Protection No Comments

Earlier this month, Relevant Magazine interviewed Jessica Bousquette, World Vision policy advisor for child protection, about the state of South Sudan amidst a conflict that has been going on since 2013. Since the conflict began, there has been much violence displacing over 900,000 children within South Sudan, keeping them from school and putting them at greater risk for malnutrition and exploitation, including child soldier recruitment. Over the past two years, over 400 advocates have send messages to the President to bring awareness to this conflict and the impact it is having on children.

Bringing Hope — A Refugee Story

December 18, 2015By Guest AuthorBible Verses 4 Comments

She walked for days over countless miles, her belly swollen. The baby within her gave her no peace, stirring and ready to be born. When the time came, uncertainty reigned. She was a stranger there. She wasn’t sure where she could deliver. But on that day as the first cry of her little boy pierced the air, her face broke into a smile. Her hope, her future had entered the world.

Contributing a Voice to Reach the Most in Need

September 25, 2015By Guest AuthorGlobal Health No Comments

Frank Williams, World Vision International New York City director and United Nations representative, shares why World Vision is participating in the United Nations General Assembly, which begins this week, and the importance of having a voice there. Viewed from U.N. headquarters in New York, where a new Global Development Agenda is being adopted this week … Read More