Pray for the End of Poverty

March 29, 2018By Zoey WilsonBible Verses 2 Comments

The Global Goals aim to end poverty by 2030. People living in poverty often lack resources, training, and the opportunity to easily break the cycle of poverty they are living in. Thus to reach these goals, a lot of hard work, prayer, and collaboration are necessary to give families and individuals a hand up out of … Read More

Pray for Refugees

March 15, 2018By Zoey WilsonBible Verses, Refugees 1 Comment

*Update: As of July 2019, the conflict in Syria has lasted over eight years. Around the world, there are over 70 million people displaced due to violence in conflict—the highest number on record. Today marks the seventh anniversary of the conflict in Syria. As you pray for refugees today, pray specifically for the people of … Read More

Pray for Field Staff

February 28, 2018By Zoey WilsonBible Verses No Comments

World Vision has projects in nearly 100 countries around the world. For these projects to deliver good results, we rely on men and women who are dedicated to serving those in poverty and to showing God’s love to every child. In many cases, these people were born or grew up in the communities where they … Read More

Pray for Education

February 8, 2018By Zoey WilsonBible Verses, Child Education No Comments

Around the world, there are various barriers to education. There may be a lack of teachers or tools. Perhaps families feel their children would have greater value elsewhere. Some students may live amidst conflict and the act of attending school itself is unsafe. In many situations, policies that support child education are not well enforced. But, … Read More

Pray for Child Protection

January 18, 2018By Zoey WilsonBible Verses, Child Protection 1 Comment

There is hope for the one billion children around the world who are affected by violence.  Violence against children includes physical, emotional, and sexual violence, and many of these children suffer other harms – through abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Violence isn’t one size fits all; it can include trafficking, child labor, early marriage, and other … Read More

Pray for Your Leaders

November 16, 2017By Zoey WilsonBible Verses 1 Comment

There are 535 men and women who serve as our members of Congress and these are just some of our country’s leaders. People who are government leaders, whether members of Congress, the President, the Cabinet, or even state representatives, are faced with difficult decisions daily in addition to balancing commitments to family and friends. Often, … Read More