World Vision has projects in nearly 100 countries around the world. For these projects to deliver good results, we rely on men and women who are dedicated to serving those in poverty and to showing God’s love to every child. In many cases, these people were born or grew up in the communities where they now work. Pray for these humanitarians, their work, their communities, and their families. 

Pray that resources get to the communities that need them.

For our staff to effectively do their jobs, they need resources. Whether that is money, tools, education materials, or something else, these resources enable staff to make a difference in the lives of families around the world.  Thank God for all that he has done through World Vision thus far, and pray that humanitarians would be blessed with even more resources to help people in need.

Father, thank you for using World Vision to do your kingdom work and for all that has been accomplished over the years to decrease poverty and improve the lives of children around the world. We ask that you continue to work in the programs that are going on around the world and to provide the offices and staff with the resources needed to do their jobs.

Pray for good stewardship of skills, resources, and time.

For the greatest potential impact, it is important that programs are implemented with thought, precision, and wisdom. Pray that God guides World Vision staff who are implementing programs in nearly 100 countries. Ask him to guide their stewardship of the tools, the time, and the assistance they are provided with so that the programs benefit the most people possible.

Give programs staff the wisdom needed to be good stewards of all that you have given them. Allow their work to help as many people as possible in a way that is empowering and impactful. 

Pray for the safety of staff and their families in the field.

Humanitarians have a hard job. They are serving people who struggle due to extreme poverty, conflict in their community, and violence. Responding to natural disasters, working amidst violence, and exposure to disease are just a few examples of how staff place themselves in dangerous situations each day.  Pray for the safety of the programs, the staff, and their families as they serve people in need in unsafe and complex contexts.

God, protect the staff working in the field and their families. We know that they can be in difficult and dangerous situations, and we pray that you wrap your arms around them. Thank you that there are people willing to immerse themselves in the communities where they work, placing others over themselves. Bless these staff and their work, protect them from harm’s way and give them strength to carry on.

Pray for the relationships that humanitarians build with community members.

The ability to listen to, connect to, and relate to community members they serve is important to the success of projects staff are implementing. Pray that the staff are able to make meaningful relationships with the communities that they work in and that those relationships, in turn, improve the strength of the programs.

Lord, you value relationships, and we hope that our ministry reflects your values. Please be with humanitarians as they work with community members. Guide their conversations, help them reflect your love, and allow them to have the humility and skills needed to listen to and serve the communities they are working in. We ask that all of these things would improve the programs these men and women are implementing. 

Pray that staff are fulfilled and joyful in their work.

As rewarding as it can be to serve people in need, save lives, and build up communities, it can also be exhausting and difficult. Pray for the spirit of each staff member. Ask God to fill their hearts through the work that they do so that they can rest in his unending joy and love.

While these men and women are in the field serving you, Father, we ask that you go with them. Fulfill them in their work, enrich their lives, and encourage them when the work is difficult. We know that you have a great plan for each one of these staff people, and we thank you for that. Amen.

Photo: Grace, 9, talks with World Vision staff member David Mzungu April 7, 2015, at her family’s home in Marafa, Kenya. She attends Vithunguni Primary School in Marafa, Kenya. Because she is sponsored, she enjoys access to clean water at home and at school and has received a school uniform, backpack, bed sheets, and ongoing medical care. © 2015 World Vision/ photo by Chris Huber

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