Reclaimed Cities

January 25, 2017By Stephanie HammondRefugee Crisis No Comments

Written by Stephanie Hammond, Policy Advisor for Conflicts and Disasters and Julie Stewart, Humanitarian Policy Intern As the battle to retake Mosul continues, urgent action is needed to allow children to resume their educations. Take action by sending an email to Congress now [action expired]. Information about the ongoing military campaign to retake the city of … Read More

Take the Quiz: World Humanitarian Day

August 19, 2016By WV AdvocacyRefugee Crisis No Comments

Today is World Humanitarian Day — an annual day to pay tribute to aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service and to mobilize people to advocate for a more humane world. Yesterday, the world was shaken by the image of Omran, a 5-year-old boy in Syria who was pulled from the rubble of his … Read More

Syria: Childhood Lost and Found

July 15, 2016By Guest AuthorRefugee Crisis 2 Comments

Syrian refugee children in Lebanon are haunted by their losses. But those who attend Child-Friendly Spaces have a chance to heal and reclaim their childhood. This story was originally posted in World Vision Magazine. To view the whole story click here. To contact Congress about humanitarian funding for refugees, including education, click here [action expired]. … Read More

Why Are Half of Syrian Refugee Children Out of School?

June 20, 2016By Stephanie HammondRefugee Crisis 1 Comment

On this World Refugee Day, we must protect education for all refugee children. Last week, Linda Hiebert, World Vision International’s partnership leader of education and life skills, testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee about the barriers to girls’ education around the world. Linda focused on children affected by conflict and the difficulties that adolescent … Read More

Ask Your Syria Questions

March 14, 2016By Stephanie HammondRefugee Crisis 2 Comments

Stephanie Hammond, World Vision policy adviser for global conflicts and natural disasters, recently returned from Serbia where she visited World Vision relief programs along the Balkan refugee migration route. Walking down the row of buses in Šid, I noticed a refugee mother and her young child getting water at a pump attached to the back … Read More

What Will Happen to Syria’s Children?

February 24, 2016By Stephanie HammondRefugee Crisis 1 Comment

Nisa held a blue crayon and started to draw on a clean, white sheet of paper. She was surrounded by brightly colored walls, pictures of cartoon characters, balls, bubbles, and dolls in one of World Vision’s child-friendly spaces in northern Serbia along the European migration route. This young girl and her family fled Syria’s violent civil war and were now making their way through Europe to gain refuge in Germany. Little Nisa quietly drew her picture as her family waited at the train station to embark on the next leg of their journey. They had come so far to reach this point, and traveled for nearly a month by the time they reached the Serbian train station. Now they just needed to continue their route from Serbia through Croatia, and then onto Slovenia, Austria, and finally Germany.