Moms Say ‘Thank you!’ to the American People

April 25, 2016By WV AdvocacyForeign Assistance 2 Comments

World Vision’s director of government relations, Lisa Bos, and policy advisor for food security and livelihoods, Beth Ann Saracco, talk about the importance of recognizing women in development in this article originally posted on The Hill. In the article, they reflect on their recent trips to Kenya and Zimbabwe where they saw U.S. funded programs at work, helping communities find sustainable solutions to poverty.

What the Budget Deal Means for the Issues You Care About

November 3, 2015By Lisa BosForeign Assistance No Comments

You may have heard or read in the news that Congress passed a bipartisan budget agreement last week; yesterday it went to the President’s desk. Even for the most hardcore advocates, your eyes may have glazed over reading terms like “overseas contingency operations” and “sequester caps.” So what is the budget deal, and what does it mean for some of the things you have been advocating for, like restoring funding for programs to prevent child labor and additional funding for the Syrian crisis?

Foreign Assistance, It is Not What You Think

August 8, 2014By Lisa BosForeign Assistance 1 Comment

It’s that time of year in Washington, D.C. when the debate over the federal budget goes into high gear.  For the upcoming fiscal year, 2015, the federal budget will be $1.014 trillion dollars, with just over half that amount going to defense programs. That leaves $492 billion for all other government programs, other than Social … Read More

What is 1% of the U.S. Budget Worth?

May 23, 2013By WV AdvocacyForeign Assistance No Comments

World Vision has partnered with the Micah Challenge to help send a message to Congress that budget cuts should not fall on the most vulnerable.  Watch the video below to see the big impact that the U.S. Foreign Assistance budget has, despite how small it actually is. Reining in the budget is a priority of Congress … Read More