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Cassie Rollins Staff asked 4 years ago

When it comes to protecting vulnerable kids around the world, who are the experts, organizations, or groups from your community who could speak with authority on this issue?

Wanda Griffin replied 4 years ago

“Around the world” sadly seems to be limited in my community to primarily churches and youth groups who are mission minded. Most of the groups or organizations in my town are mostly focused on local children or children within the state. I would love to bridge that gap. It seems like such a daunting task but a dream in my heart.

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 4 years ago

That sounds perfect, Wanda! I think that protecting kids in the local community is actually pretty similar to the work of protecting them around the world — so you’re right, you could play a role in bridging that gap. You could list out these local organizations and then write them a letter or give them a phone call to make the connection and invite them to join you. (Of course, you might want to wait until you have more information about the summer advocacy focus — stay tuned!) It does seem daunting, and even if some organizations do not respond or take you up on the idea, all you need is 1 to say yes!

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Kristina answered 4 years ago

I think in my community it would be our group leaders and those who lead populations of youth in their respective ministries.

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 4 years ago

Definitely! I love the idea of involving someone who leads youth as their volunteer or work position. They would certainly be able to speak with some authority on the issue!

Stan Norman answered 4 years ago

My faith community has partnered with the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force in the past. They are active and vocal respresentatives when it comes to justice issues and focus a great deal of attention (and scholarships) on the local high school and middle school. My co-leader and I are both members of the Task Force. I plan to further develop that relationship. Coincidentally, adjacent counties have similar human rights task forces. I may be able to connect Senator Risch’s regional office with a coalition of human rights task forces on issues near and dear to the Senator’s heart, like human trafficking.

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 4 years ago

WOW!! What a great idea, Stan! I love that, and you did a great job connecting it with one of Senator Risch’s interests.

Anna Kostrivas answered 4 years ago

As I’ve been praying about this my new neighbor keeps coming to mind.  She’s the chief of staff for Banner Health, the largest employer in the state and obviously w/in the healthcare realm.  Not specific to vulnerable children but I think still someone with influence who is passionate about health?  (Will you guys join me in prayer about this?? It’s always out of my comfort zone to invite people to stuff I care about but don’t know if they will.) As an added bonus she’s like a local celebrity to my kids, so if I ended up advocating with them too, the fact that they love her so much would be super helpful. hahah

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 4 years ago

YES! Adding my prayers 🙏. This sounds like a great idea — especially if she can get your kids on board too 😉

Dave Knutte answered 4 years ago

I can think of a few organizations that I worked with (Zakat Foundation, One Acre Fund, Nuru International) that I feel I can get the support of from the leaders of those organizations.  This could hopefully lead to additional referrals to contacts I’m not aware of.

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