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Cassie Rollins Staff asked 4 years ago

List the names of local young people in your life (including your own children, if you have them) who you could invite to advocate alongside you.

Ami Campbell replied 4 years ago

I would like to get my children Helen (20) and Lydia (18) involved especially this summer when they have no pressing demands. Rising high school senior Michelle who joined our last Zoom call is also a young person I hope will stay involved. There are two other graduating high school seniors I’d like to invite into advocacy as well. One was a co-chair of the Girl Up club at the local high school, and the other is on the young people’s board for Unicef.

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing, Ami! I also hope Michelle stays involved. Do you know if the graduating high school seniors will be staying in the area? (yes, I’m thinking of potential new Volunteer Advocates! 😉) It sounds like at the very least, they are connected to young people who would be interested in advocacy (through the Girl Up club and the young people’s board for UNICEF), and could help raise awareness among their peers. So cool!!

Amanda Mootz replied 4 years ago

Girl Up is amazing!!!

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Mike Lagoon answered 4 years ago

I would like to get my daughters Kate (26) and Lauren (23).  Also my nieces age (13) and (16) who attend a Christian academy and live in Pennsylvania would be very excited to advocate for children and also learn about Congress and how bills are set in motion.  Another idea would be to work with our church youth group.  If not for in-person (our Skype) , possibly for letter writing and phone campaigns. 

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 4 years ago

I love the idea of engaging your church youth group — maybe you can invite one or two young people to join a future in-person meeting if they’re interested, and the others can participate through letter writing/phone calls, like you suggest.

And, with your daughters, here’s some food for thought that incorporates the OTHER question for the week: What unique giftings do Kate and Lauren have? How could they participate in advocacy using these unique gifts?

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 4 years ago

Also, here’s something that you could share with your nieces if they want to learn a little more about advocacy! World Vision has a program partnering with schools (, and on one of their recent webinars for secondary school students, they talked about access to education for kids around the world and how to advocate! Our policy advisor for gender & education, Whitney Groves, joins the webinar at 25:30 to dive into advocacy.

If anyone else wants one that’s geared toward elementary students, I can share that too! 🙂

Wanda Griffin replied 4 years ago

Cassie I would like the one geared for elementary children. I would love to get my granddaughter Brooklyn involved. She already prays for children that I sponsor as well as children who don’t have enough to eat. Her little prayers are precious. She will be in the first grade. I also plan to ask my nephew, Gage, who is 12 to think about advocacy. He attends Catholic school and is a strong leader. I think this would help encourage him to ask his friends to join with him. Thank you for these links!

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 4 years ago

Here’s the link to the one geared toward elementary students, Wanda!
Love the idea of engaging your young relatives. 😊

Stan Norman answered 4 years ago

Not sure how to meet and engage youth in Sandpoint. I used to have a connection by volunteering at a local elementary school, but I won’t be able to do that again until at least fall. Perhaps I can get my teenage grandkids in Texas involved. Our community is graying as retirees move in.

Amanda Mootz replied 4 years ago

You volunteer at the local elementary school?? That’s so wonderful! I know things are so different now with COVID. 🙁 These are all just ideas of categories to think about – you may find you have more options from some of the other categories, but glad you are thinking about young possibilities!

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 4 years ago

Agreed, unfortunately some of these ideas aren’t as applicable to the world we’re in right at this moment. I do hope they’re helpful for getting you thinking about the possibilities, though!

Nancy Johns answered 4 years ago

I  have grown kiddos with two of them are in elementary education . .both in bilingual programs.  Women of Vision is involved extensively in projects in Honduras, hum.  Good food for thought for when things ramp up.  Also our church high school group connects with the local junior high . . Good education tie in.

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 4 years ago

Ooh, these are GREAT connections!! Excited to keep exploring them when school starts back up more regularly (God willing!!)

Kristina answered 4 years ago

If I were to invite anyone it would probably be my boyfriend (25), my sisters (24 and 19), and my church community (21-23)! They’re all very forward thinking people who love their community in their own ways & all who actively lead our youth in our parish to glorify God with their lives.

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 4 years ago

LOVE it, Kristina! It sounds like you have a lot of young people in your life who would be passionate about these issues! It would be great to invite them to engage with you in a meeting this summer!

anna kostrivas answered 4 years ago

thinking about bringing my own kids… do you think they’re too young? to keep it super simple they do understand things like school, feeling afraid, etc.  that I could maybe help them speak into? 

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 4 years ago

Nope, definitely not too young! I think their age just shifts what you ask them to participate in. For younger kids, having a “prop” that they describe could be helpful — for example, they could draw a picture of kids around the world attending school, and you could use that to talk about how some kids don’t have that opportunity, or to ask your child to share what they like about school. You could share this little video with them to inspire them, too! 🙂

Dave Knutte answered 4 years ago

I have four children ages — son 22, daughters 19, 17 and 15, so I have youth right at my fingertips.  Although they are very similar in many ways, they all have some unique qualities too.  Working in conjunction with them as a group would be special.

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 4 years ago

Terrific! What a special thing to do together as a family. They may each have different skills to support you as well — writing passionate letters, making phone calls, getting others involved/spreading the word on social media, etc. 🙂

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