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Cassie Rollins Staff asked 3 years ago

After reflecting on your own strengths and weaknesses in advocacy, what else do you need to complement you and build a strong advocacy team? Who do you know who holds these qualities?

Ami Campbell replied 3 years ago

I’ve been fortunate to have several companions during my advocacy journey. Throughout the years, an area rep for World Vision has been involved–first Bobby Majka and now Chris Tews and Missy Eck. They are GREAT at talking about WV and sharing the latest and greatest info. Sandra Drury and Mary Condon tell good stories and pray powerful prayers. Always a gift to have them close a meeting!

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 3 years ago

👏 agree! God has gifted you with some pretty amazing advocates to come alongside you, complementing your gifts!

Amanda Mootz replied 3 years ago

so many great people! 🙂

Wanda Griffin replied 3 years ago

I enjoyed the unity we all shared in our meetings on the hill during advocacy camp. There is strength in numbers and our gifts are multiplied as a group. It was exhilarating to experience the group meetings in DC. A day I will never forget! I don’t mind the prayers. It’s actually one of my favorite parts. It’s the initial ask that’s difficult for me. I need a more extroverted person on my team and I think I have the perfect person in mind….my twin sister. Hopefully, she will come a long beside me and fill the gap.

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 3 years ago

LOVE that, Wanda! I agree, definitely strength in numbers. Great job identifying the parts of the meeting you like/dislike to help you identify your sister as a good person to invite to join you!

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Mike Lagoon answered 3 years ago

As I just started the past year, I feel fortunate to have teamed up with my fellow Maryland advocate Flavie.  We have attended our recent in person meetings together.  My weaknesses are in telling a personal story or leading a final prayer.  Flavie is great at these strengths.  I am more of a facts and figures and some experience working with World Vision in food security programs.  Also, I feel a better reception from the congressional staff with 2 persons versus going at it alone.  So we are blessed to have formed a complementary team.

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 3 years ago

Love it! You and Flavie really are a perfect match with your giftings for in-person meetings. And it’s good to hear you share that you feel like there’s a difference between going it alone and together!

Amanda Mootz replied 3 years ago

love this!

Stan Norman answered 3 years ago

I think that I need to engage the other members of my tiny faith community in praying the issues and making phone calls.

Amanda Mootz replied 3 years ago

love that, Stan! Sometimes advocacy OUTSIDE of a meeting can help make you more effective INSIDE your meeting!

Anna K answered 3 years ago

I enjoy the relational part and sharing why it matters to me, I\’d like to find someone who feels more comfortable with the big picture and the \”ask\” .  And I now have an intercessory partner in mind! 🙂 

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 3 years ago

Love it, Anna! 🙂

Dave Knutte answered 3 years ago

I need someone to push me to stay on task, this exercise is a perfect example.  Once I get focused I’m productive but need that kick in the pants to move forward.  I think I can get that from my daughter, she is driven and organized and will keep me accountable.

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 3 years ago

I love how this combines involving young people and recognizing skills that would complement your own. 🙂 Sounds great, Dave!

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