Around the world, girls face significant challenges to their safety and well-being. On the International Day of the Girl Child, World Vision, CARE, Save the Children, the World Bank, AGE Africa, and the FGM Network joined members of Congress for the Overcoming Challenges, Empowering Girls event to address challenges and opportunities for gender equality worldwide. Learn about these challenges and opportunities.

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The Protecting Girls’ Access to Education Act (H.R. 2408, S. 1580) is bipartisan legislation that if passed, will prioritize access to primary and secondary education for displaced children, specifically girls. Introduced in the House by Representative Steve Chabot (OH) and Representative Robin Kelly (IL) and by Senator Marco Rubio (FL) and Senator Bob Menendez (NJ) in the Senate, this bill:

  • Helps increase the access of displaced children, especially displaced girls, to educational, economic, and entrepreneurial opportunities, including through the governmental authorities responsible for educational or youth services in host countries.
  • Encourages countries hosting refugee camps to support efforts to provide access to safe, quality education to all children
  • Provides coordination among governments, nongovernmental organizations, faith-based organizations, and communities to build support for access to safe education
  • Promotes hosting refugee children within local educational systems
  • Supports innovative approaches to providing safe primary and secondary educational opportunities in circumstances where inclusion is not possible or appropriate for displaced children
  • Mandates programs to include measures to evaluate the impact of the programs on girls, with respect to the reduction of child marriage, gender-based violence, and severe forms of human trafficking

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