Every phone call to a member of Congress’ office is counted and written down. We often say that as few as ten phone calls in a day can cause an office to take notice of an issue. Now, imagine what a hundred, or more phone calls could do! This is the time to find out – the proposed budget for FY 2018 cuts the U.S.’ primary account to fight child labor by approximately 80 percent, with some threats to eliminate the account completely. Despite more than 2 million children benefitting from this account since 1995, this funding remains in jeopardy. On next Monday, June 12, we are coming together for a call-in day to say that preventing child labor matters!
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Age 13 With A Fate Decided

Joytun, age 13 and pictured above, bears scars of when she was younger and working in a bread factory. She was sent to the kitchen and her scarf caught fire on a cooking flame, setting her whole body ablaze from her face to her hips. As a result, she was treated at a local hospital, but it was recommended that she be sent abroad for further treatment. Her mother declined for fear that she would be put up for adoption overseas or taken from her.

Now, Joytun’s work is limited by her injury. She attends a World Vision Child Friendly Learning and Recreation Center and receives some education. However, despite her smile, her words are heartbreaking. Joytun shares that she once had dreams, but now has resigned herself that she will likely marry a man who will beat her because she feels she’s too ugly and poor to hope for a man who will be good to her.

We Have Programs that Work

When families have economic opportunity and knowledge, their children are less likely to end up working in a factory and there is greater hope for education. As a result, children can have the opportunity to become adults that will shape the future of their communities and prevent children in future generations from knowing pain, hurt, hunger, or fear. We know what works, now we have to tell Congress to reject cuts to these programs we know work.

The Most Meaningful Two (or less) Minutes of Your Day

Next Monday is World Day Against Child Labor. Make this day meaningful for girls like Joytun – commit to making one phone call to the office of Congressman Tom Cole, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, to ask that he preserves funding for grant programs to prevent and fight child labor. Commit to taking less than two minutes of your day. The result can be that children do not become lost in a lifetime of hopelessness.

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  • I called Sen. Marco Rubio to encourage him to keep funding under the International Labor Affairs Bureau to fight child labor. I also thanked him for co-sponsoring the bipartisan bill “to prioritize the fight against human trafficking in the United States.” This seems to be a different bill, but certainly on the same topic. It sex trafficking and forced labor and covers adults and children.

    • Thank you, Sue! This is fantastic. We appreciate you doing this and as we start to work more on the reauthorization of the Trafficking Victims Protect Act we look forward to working with you!

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