August has been a busy month and once again we are inspired by your persistence and passion for advocacy issues. You have contacted Congress nearly 200 times. In these emails, phone calls, and social posts, you have brought awareness to issues of maternal and child health, humanitarian aid for refugees, and ending child labor. So, thank you — your advocacy is bringing the needs of vulnerable children around the world to your representatives’ desks.

Advocates from Austin, Texas successfully published two op-eds in their local paper last month! The first points out the importance of the International Labor Affairs Bureau in the fight against child labor. You can read this op-ed titled, “Restore federal funding for fighting child labor” here. The second calls attention to the need for maternal and child health for people globally and ends with a hope that Congress will call a hearing on the Reach Every Mother and Child Act. To read their op-ed titled, “All women need info on preventable diseases,” click here. We are so grateful for these advocates and their leadership on maternal and child health and child protection issues. If you’d like to write your own op-ed, here is our guide to get you started!

In nearly 20 districts, advocates have reached out to their members of Congress to schedule meetings while they were home on recess. These meetings are the most influential form of advocacy. As a direct result of advocates educating senators, representatives, and their staff, multiple Members of Congress have committed to requesting a hearing for the Reach Every Mother and Child Act. There is also renewed priority around humanitarian assistance for refugees, and support for the International Labor Affairs Bureau programs to fight child labor. Your passion for these issues shine through in these meetings, so thank you for taking the time to meet with your representatives.

Once again, we are so happy to have you all in our community, pursuing social justice to further God’s kingdom. Thank you for joining us as we raise our voices to prioritize the needs of the poor!

Photo: Tiness, wraps up baby Loydah to carry her on her back.  © 2016 World Vision/ photo by Jon Warren

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