There are almost 800 million people around the world who suffer from hunger every day. Join us for a call-in day to Congress on February 9, and ask your members of Congress to cosponsor the Global Food Security Act of 2015.

Here are the facts:

Join us on February 9 to tell Congress that no one should go to bed hungry. Commit below and we will send you everything you need on the call-in day, including phone numbers and a call script. In two minutes, you really can make a difference.

Will your phone call matter?

As few as ten calls to one office in a day are enough to cause a member of Congress to turn his attention to an issue. Here is what one senior staffer said when we asked about phone calls:

“Really, every call gets attention and helps focus our issue priorities. Reaching out is the most important thing. A lot of people do not think making a phone call matters, but a lot of times it really does make a difference.”

Photo: 21-year-old Mossamat smiles as she is able to share food with her 18-month-old daughter. In 2007, her husband’s parents attended an education program on kitchen gardening and built a small garden in their home yard. The couple invested their time to maintain the garden, which now provides them with fresh fruit, vegetables, and spices, some of which flourish year-round to provide additional income and better meals for their family. Now they don’t have to spend as much buying food, and their children and grandchildren, particularly their youngest 18-month-old granddaughter (pictured), benefit from the variety of nutrients. © 2014 World Vision/ photo by Gloria Das


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